How Smart Security Can Keep Your Renovation Project Secure

Protecting your Renovation Project


There are a lot of reasons to take on a renovation.

It may be a necessity to repair damages, increase accessibility or expand your living space. Or it might just be time to change things up and improve your esthetic.

Whatever the reason for your renovation, you will surely want to protect your investment when the work is done.

Smart Security provides several options that can help limit damages and safeguard your home from threats such as flood, freeze and fire.


Flood & Leak Detection

Water has been shown to have natural calming properties. In fact, the mere sight and sound of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals that promote wellness, increased blood flow to the brain and induce relaxation. Of course, when you find water in a place it is not supposed to be – on your laundry room floor or soaking into your basement carpet- it has quite the opposite effect. Unfortunately, floods are not as uncommon as we would hope, and they can be incredibly disruptive; not to mention expensive! Thankfully, you can take steps to help limit damages.

Flood sensors can be placed anywhere in your home where a risk of flooding can occur. Whether from a dishwasher, toilet, burst pipe, or outside source, these sensors can prove incredibly valuable at detecting water where it should not be. Not only can flood sensors provide early warning and help limit damages, when they are paired with a Smart Water Valve, they can stop water flow immediately to further reduce damages.

Smart Water Valve + Meter

If you are in the habit of turning off the water when you leave home for a few days, you have probably found yourself wondering more than once, if you remembered to do it before leaving that day. With the Smart Water Valve, you can turn the water on and off with the touch of a button using your TELSCO Connect App. You can also have the shut off trigger automatically if a flood sensor is triggered by the presence of water.

With the Smart Water Meter, an additional layer of protection is offered. Small, consistent leaks or water left running can be detected based on your regular water usage. If you have ever left the hose flowing in the summer, or wanted to better understand your overall water usage, you will appreciate this. Visit our Blog to learn more.

Sump Sensor

Sump Sensors generate an alarm when the water level in your sump rises to a level that indicates a flood could occur. The rise in water level triggers a float sensor that is strategically placed to avoid nuisance alarms, while also providing you with time to react. The alarm could indicate that your sump pump is not working at all, or is unable to pump out water as quickly as it is coming in. With this device being triggered before the water has left the sump, you have a head start to stop the flooding before it starts.

Low-Temperature Sensor

If you have ever had your furnace stop working in the middle of an Alberta winter, you know it does not take long for things to get dangerously chilly. A low-temperature sensor provides early warning of trouble and offers a chance to intervene before damage occurs. These sensors can be purchased with a fixed or customizable set point for the alarm trigger.

Monitored Smoke Detectors

It may seem redundant to add smoke detectors as part of your security solution when you already have smoke detectors in your home. Although your existing smoke detectors may provide an alarm warning if you are home, they are unable to prompt an emergency response when your home is empty. With smoke-monitored detectors from TELSCO, an alarm signal is sent to our monitoring centre when smoke is detected. Operators will make a call to your home, and if there is no answer, the fire department will be dispatched. Whether you are at work, on vacation, or in the home but unable to call for help, help is on the way.

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