Smart Water Valve Management – Prevent Damage from Flooding

How To Prevent Damage from Flooding With Smart Water Management


Detect Flooding

For many years, flood sensors have been available as an add-on to home security.

Flood Sensors use a pair of metal probes to recognize the presence of water and trigger an alarm when the risk of flooding is detected. These alarms create an audible alert in the home and also alert the central monitoring station so emergency contacts can be called when you are not home.

This early detection allows you to investigate and intervene early on, limiting the amount of damage that may be caused by the flood.

The advance warning a flood sensor offers is incredibly valuable, but there is still a critical window; the time between when you know something is wrong and the time that you can have someone in the home to address the problem.

Smart Water Valve Shut Off – Prevent Damage from Flooding

With the introduction of Smart Water Management and Flood Prevention, your home security system can now do more to help prevent damages caused by floods.

A Smart Water Valve allows you to shut off your water automatically when a flood sensor or a low-temperature sensor triggers an alarm. This instant response saves valuable time, as you no longer need a person at your home or cabin to shut off the water.

You can also use your Smart Water Valve to remotely turn your water on or off from anywhere. If you have ever left for vacation and wondered if you remembered to turn off the water, you will appreciate this feature.

Remote Water Shut Off

Smart Water Valve Features

  • Check the Status of your Water Shut Off Valves any time
  • Open and Close Water Shut Off Valves Remotely
  • Automatically Shut Off Water When a Flood Sensor or Low Temperature Sensor Triggers an alarm

Strategically placed sensors paired with a Smart Water Valve greatly increase your chances or detecting a flood and limiting the potential damages.