Retail Security Systems

Protect your retail store from shoplifting, theft intrusion and crime with TELSCO.

Security Systems for Retail Stores

Your retail business has a lot of moving parts; customers, staff, vendors, product….. With smart security, you can protect your business, as well as gain valuable insights to help you understand and manage your business.

Advanced technology and multiple integrated systems allow us to truly customize a retail solution to meet your unique needs.

Retail Alarm Systems

Your retail business solution begins with intrusion protection. Whether your business is large or small, we will design an alarm system to suit the space. Door Contacts, Motion Sensors and Glassbreak Detectors will be strategically installed to detect and deter an intrusion. When an intrusion is detected, our operators, located in Edmonton, will react quickly and respond to the alarm.

With Interactive Security, not only will your security system trigger an alarm, it will also provide you with valuable information about the day to day operations of your business.
If you can relate to any of the following, smart security can help:

  1. Have you ever wanted to erase a user code from your security system in a rush?
  2. Have you ever felt frustrated while updating user codes at the keypad?
  3. Has your business ever opened late, and left customers waiting outside?
  4. Have you ever wondered if the security system was turned on for the night?
  5. Would you find it helpful to receive a text message anytime your system was armed or disarmed?
  6. Would it be valuable to receive weekly reports with opening and closing activity?
  7. Do you manage or own multiple locations that you would like to manage from a single platform?

Retail Security Camera Systemscamera

With a Video System, you can stay even more connected to your business. Whether you are connecting remotely to see what is happening in real-time or searching recorded video for an incident, video is a great addition to your retail security solution.

Our video solutions begin with a comprehensive needs analysis to ensure you see what you want to see and get the footage you need.

With Video Enhanced Response, our Monitoring Centre Operators connect to your video cameras when an intrusion occurs to ensure the most efficient and effective response. When an intrusion is confirmed with video, the authorities can be dispatched to your business with an increased sense of urgency.

And, if you have ever been called in the middle of the night to investigate a false alarm, you will appreciate the peace of mind and peace in the night that video-enhanced response can offer.


Retail Access Control

Whether your retail business has a staff of 5 or 50, Access Control offers a flexible and scalable alternative to keys. Unlike keys which can be costly to replace when lost or stolen, access control fobs can be easily removed remotely in seconds.

When integrated with your smart security solution, management of the two systems is seamless and incredibly intuitive. Learn more about access control here.


Security for Multiple Locationscomputer

With service plans designed specifically to meet the needs of multi-site operations, many retail business owners and managers find significant benefit using our Enterprise Platform.

With Enterprise Features, User codes, Meaningful Notifications, and Access Fobs can be updated across unlimited sites with a single login with a single function.

Ask our team about setting up central security system management for your sites today.

Custom Security Packages for Retail

Our retail security systems are part of our custom security plans. TELSCO serves business of every size and offers custom-designed security systems based on the type of business you own and the valuable you want to protect.