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With a focus on long term relationships, and no long term agreements, we know how important it is to provide security service that will win your business each and every day.

Unhappy With Your Current Service Provider?

Serving Edmonton since 1970, TELSCO is Edmonton’s largest full-service security company. We are proud to provide local service and support for brand new security systems installed by us, or for customers looking to make a change from another provider. Unlike many security providers, TELSCO is 100% local and supports all aspects of your security experience from Edmonton. Our local presence allows us to provide you with a personalized level of service that is unparalleled in the security industry.

With a focus on long term relationships, and no long term agreements, we know how important it is to provide security service that will win your business each and every day.

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Edmonton Monitoring Station

All Operations, including our Monitoring Centre are located at 12750-127 Street in Edmonton. With 5 Diamond Certification, ULC Listing and Award Winning Customer Service, we offer responsive and personalized monitoring that you can count on. You can be sure that when you speak with a TELSCO representative, you are speaking with someone right here in Edmonton.

Custom Solutions

In many cases, we can utilize existing hardware, with the option to upgrade or expand your solution to best suit your needs. A security consultant will discuss how your existing security system can be incorporated into your new solution to ensure you realize the maximum value of your investment. Our experienced technicians are familiar with a wide range of security system types, so you can count on a professional transition of service when you work with TELSCO. We offer competitive monitoring rates and several service options to best suit your needs.

Upgrade Options

With exciting services, such as TELSCO Connect mobile app, your existing Security System can be updated to provide enhanced Security, Comfort and Convenience. Incorporate Smart Lighting, Smart Locks for your home, Thermostats, Garage Door Control and a Video Doorbell for a totally Interactive Experience. Contact us today to discuss switching your monitoring service to TELSCO.

Switching Security Company FAQs

Switching Security Company FAQs

Should I switch security companies?

People most commonly switch security companies due to a lack of service and support. An effective security solution is all about response, and when you cannot get ahold of anyone to address system malfunctions, upgrade requests, or alarm incidents, your home or business is at risk.

At TELSCO, we focus on being responsive throughout all aspects of your security experience.

  • Our average time for live answering phone calls is 11.5 seconds
  • Our average alarm response time is 33 seconds
  • Our expectation for onsite service is 3 business days

If this sounds like an improvement over your current experience, it just might be time to switch.

How do I switch my security services to a new company?

When considering switching your security services, there are a few things you will want to consider. A professional consultant will ask these questions when you call to inquire about switching, but some initial research will help ensure you are prepared.

  • Are you in a contract? If you are in a contract, is there a buy-out or cancellation fee?
  • Do you own your security hardware or is it a rental/lease?
  • What services are you currently subscribed for? Are your services for security only, or do you also have fire monitoring, ULC fire monitoring, or elevator monitoring to consider?
  • Why are you switching? Think about where your provider is falling short and ensure that you focus on key questions to ensure that the new company will be able to meet your needs

Can I use my existing hardware with a new security company?

The simple answer is Yes. In many cases, a new security provider will be able to use your existing hardware with some adjustments for communication and compatibility. With over 50 years of experience and many long-tenured employees, we are very familiar a wide variety of systems (new and old) and our team is well equipped to make recommendations that will allow you to get the most out of your original investment. If your hardware will not work with your new solution, there is still the possibility of leveraging wiring infrastructure and exploring creative options to ensure viable hardware does not go to waste.

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Security is more than physical safety; it’s the confident feeling our customers get from working with a company they know they can trust.

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