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Video Surveillance Systems

Professionally designed and installed video solutions paired with powerful video services take your security to the next level.

Video Solutions for Your Business

Video surveillance systems are often incorporated into our custom commercial security solutions. Whether you are focused on live viewing, recorded footage, or alarm verification, a professionally designed and installed video surveillance system is a great addition to your security solution. With options for Wireless Cameras, Remote Connectivity and Full System Integration, Video Systems are more flexible and valuable than ever.

While surveillance cameras are available at electronics stores or online, they do not offer the same quality of images and capabilities of a professional solution. By assessing the needs of your organization, the experts at TELSCO Security Systems can help you determine what type of Video Solution will deliver the most value for your application.

Which camera is best?

With so many options available, our consultants will assess your unique needs to determine which type of Video Solution, and which cameras will be best for you.

Our recommendations will depend on the answers to a number of questions; What do you want to see? Will the cameras be indoor or outdoor? Are we recording in low light? How much footage do you need to store? What kind of image quality are you looking for? Will we be integrating with an intrusion or access control system? Do you want to view your cameras remotely?

No matter what the solution, you can be sure that your custom proposal will include high quality equipment to be installed and supported by our knowledgeable local team.

Video Services

If you have ever responded to a false alarm or received a call about an alarm going off and wondered what it might be, you will appreciate our powerful video services as part of your security solution.

With Video Enhanced Response and Video Alarm Verification, intrusion detection is taken to the next level. These powerful alternatives to traditional security combine intruder detection with simultaneous video footage to provide the best possible information about an alarm.

Video Alarm Verification

With Video Alarm Verification, intelligent camera analytics create alarms when specific events occur. It may be that a fence line has been crossed or there is movement in an area where there should not be. These video alarm events are sent to our central monitoring centre, where an operator is able to visually verify the cause of an alarm.

The intelligence provided with Video Alarm Verification allows for the most appropriate response; avoiding false dispatch when a coyote is in the yard and ensuring expedited dispatch when an intrusion is verified.

Contact our team today to learn more about our video systems and services.

Video Enhanced Response

Video Enhanced Response leverages both your intrusion and security systems to provide an enhanced security experience.

With Video Enhanced Response, our operators connect to your video system for a live view of your site during an intrusion alarm. This instant awareness about what is happening on site provides operators with powerful information that can be used to increase the urgency of emergency response.

With traditional Intrusion systems, the response is based on alarms received from individual devices or zones (door contacts or motion sensors). Although the number and type of devices in alarm provides actionable information, there is no way to know for sure that the alarm is legitimate and that the response requires an increased level of urgency.

Whether you are looking at a brand new or upgraded security solution, Video Enhanced Response can be included as an option. Flexible platforms allow for the use of existing equipment with new control components.

Video Surveillance FAQs

Does video surveillance deter crime?

The presence of cameras can act as a visual deterrent to crime. Knowing that there is the possibility of video evidence may cause an intruder to re-think their intentions. Although the mere presence of a video camera may act as a deterrent, we would not recommend relying on this as a security solution.  Video cameras should be equipped with analytics to create alarms or paired with intrusion detection devices to allow for response in the event of an intrusion.

Are video surveillance cameras effective?

The effectiveness of a Video Surveillance Solution will depend on the original intent and design of the solution. Video surveillance cameras may serve a number of purposes, and the expectation of what the video cameras will be doing must be defined early on.

Cameras may be installed simply to record historical video footage, or they may also be equipped with powerful analytics that create alarms and trigger an emergency response when an intruder is in a field of view.

When video surveillance cameras are incorporated with a traditional intrusion system, they can provide enhanced response – allowing alarm operators to see what is happening in the business – in real time – when the alarm is triggered. A thorough needs analysis is critical to ensure that a video surveillance system will be effective for the desired application.

Where can I buy surveillance cameras?

There are hundreds – maybe thousands of options – for where and how to purchase surveillance cameras. When considering video surveillance cameras for your business, it is recommended to work with a professional security partner who has a history of success in this space.

The effectiveness of your video solution depends on a solid understanding of the application, thoughtful design, quality equipment, professional installation – and ongoing support – which a TESLCO security expert can help with.  Working with a professional partner can also limit the security risks that come along with stand alone IP cameras – and may provide integration options to help leverage existing security equipment.

Custom Security Packages for Your Business

TELSCO serves businesses of every size and offers custom designed security systems based on the type of business you own and the valuables you want to protect.