Multi-Site Security Solutions

Powerful tools for multi-site security management

Integrated Security Solutions for Multiple Locations

Scalable and flexible security solutions for your business offer powerful solutions whether you have one or multiple locations. With multiple locations, the depth of management and control that a professional security solution offers can be even more compelling.

Intrusion Security

Update user codes, check system status (armed or disarmed), set up real-time notifications and schedule reports all using a single login from anywhere in the world.

multi unit security


Instantly access video feeds from all of your locations using a single dashboard. Custom views allow you to focus on one site at a time, or see all the front doors from all locations on one screen.

Access Control

Program user cards or fobs for all of your buildings remotely with easy to use software.

Integrated Solutions

Your custom security design may include multiple systems for the best security and management experience. With Intrusion, Video, Access, Fire, Elevator, and more, TELSCO is able to meet the needs of your multi-site organization.

From unique system design for each site to a holistic management experience, TELSCO has a solution for your multi-site security needs.

Multi-Site Security FAQs

Multi-Site Security FAQs

What is the difference between multi-site and single location security?

The most important consideration for multi-site security vs. a single location is the ease of management. Enterprise level security solutions offer quick and easy ways to update and get information from all of your locations with the click of a button.

What is the best security system for multiple locations?

The best security solution for multiple locations is one that will allow you to manage all locations easily. Remote access is an absolute must-have! Although hardware and system configuration may vary from site to site, there are apps and user portals that allow multiple systems to function like a single solution.

How can I monitor CCTVs Remotely?

Almost all video solutions now come with an option for remote access. As long as internet is available there should be no issue with accessing your video cameras using an app or web login. Cameras can also be remotely accessed by a professional monitoring centre in order to assist with alarm response or identify any issues with the operation of the video system.

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Security is more than physical safety; it’s the confident feeling our customers get from working with a company they know they can trust.

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Custom Security Packages for Your Business

TELSCO serves businesses of every size and offers custom designed security systems based on the type of business you own and the valuables you want to protect.