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ULC-Certified Fire Alarm Monitoring for Commercial Buildings

Since 1970, TELSCO Security has provided fire panel monitoring for various commercial facilities in Edmonton and area. Fire panel monitoring ensures immediate action is taken on an alarm signal, helping to save lives and minimize property damage.

Depending on the scale and use of a commercial building, many properties will require ULC fire alarm monitoring, specifically ULC-561. With new buildings and older buildings whose fire panels are due for an upgrade, a ULC Certificate is becoming a common requirement.

ULC fire monitoring systems are more prominently installed in hotels, schools, apartment buildings, malls, daycares, long-term care facilities, car dealerships, churches, and grocery stores.

With ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring, The Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) sets the standards for the installation, maintenance, communication, and response times related to the system.

ULC fire alarm monitoring standards have requirements such as:

  • Maximum response time to an alarm signal
  • Maximum allowance for service issues to be resolved
  • Mandatory annual inspections

When all ULC specifications are met and agreed to, a ULC certificate will be issued. This certificate is typically required to obtain occupancy for your building.

Dual Path ULC-Certified Fire Alarm Monitoring

As new construction projects come to the fore, or with existing buildings located in remote areas, it can be a challenge to secure reliable phone lines to meet the two-path communication requirement set out in the ULC Standard.

The challenges associated with securing a phone connection, can delay the opening of a new building or further add to operating costs for existing facilities.

With TELSCO’s Dual Path ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring, you can achieve ULC-certified fire monitoring without a phone line. This not only improves the flow of the project but also can result in long-term savings by eliminating the need for a dedicated phone line.

What is the difference between a fire alarm panel and fire alarm monitoring?

A local fire panel, also known as a fire protection system, is designed to detect a fire in your building and alert the occupants that they need to evacuate. Sprinkler systems are similar but have the added ability to suppress the fire. These systems are provided by a fire protection service company.

Without fire alarm monitoring, a local fire panel will ring onsite, but no external party is made aware of the risk, and the fire department cannot be dispatched as an early response to the alarm condition.

How TELSCO’s ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring Works

TELSCO provides fire alarm monitoring by connecting a fire alarm communicator to the local fire panel. When the fire panel registers a fire alarm, the fire alarm communicator sends an alert to our monitoring centre using a phone line or cellular connection and the fire department is dispatched immediately.

In addition to fire alarms, TELSCO also monitors 24/7 for fire panel trouble conditions, ensuring any issues with the panel are identified and addressed quickly.

Because ULC mandates a 4 hour response time for service, TELSCO can provide ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring for most locations in Alberta.

Fire Panel Monitoring FAQs

Does a fire alarm system have to be monitored?

Fire alarm monitoring may be a requirement for your fire panel as determined by the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) or your insurance company. The building size, occupancy number and occupancy type may affect your requirement.

Although it may not be a requirement, TELSCO highly recommends fire alarm monitoring for any building with a fire panel to ensure the safety of the occupants.

How much is a fire alarm monitoring system?

The price of fire alarm monitoring varies based on factors such as system configuration, ULC requirements, communication methods and maintenance packages. Following a consultation with one of our security experts, you can expect the cost to protect your business with Fire Alarm Panel Monitoring to be between $50 and $120 per month.

Is fire alarm monitoring worth the cost?

In many cases, this expense is not optional and must be accepted as part of required operating cost. With that being said, many of us would agree that fast, reliable response to a fire related emergency is money well spent. Even if ULC monitoring is not mandated for your particular building, we highly recommend investing in this service.

How often should a fire alarm monitoring system be tested?

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems require an onsite inspection and full system test once per year as mandated by the Underwriter’s Laboratories of Canada. When it comes to communication between the fire monitoring panel and the monitoring centre, all panels are programmed to send a regular communication test to TELSCO. If a regular communication check is missed, TELSCO operators are made aware, and any concerns with the communication can be rectified as quickly as possible.

Who monitors the fire alarm system?

TELSCO’s Local Monitoring Centre receives and communicates all alarms received from the fire alarm monitoring panel. When a fire alarm is received, TELSCO dispatches the fire department right away. With ULC fire alarm panel monitoring, the ULC guidelines state that the fire department must be dispatched within 30 seconds of the alarm being received. In addition to fire alarm signals, TELSCO also monitors the panel for trouble conditions that might suggest an onsite service call is required.

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