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ULC Fire Panel Monitoring

Telsco has been providing ULC Listed Security Solutions since 1970.

Fire Alarm Monitoring to protect your people and your property

Since 1970, TELSCO has been assisting smart business owners and managers with fire alarm monitoring and employee protection. Fire Alarm Monitoring ensures immediate action is taken on an alarm signal, helping to save lives and minimize property damage.

TELSCO also monitors 24/7 for fire panel trouble conditions, ensuring any issues with the panel can be identified and addressed quickly.


Fire Panel Vs. Fire Alarm Monitoring System

A local fire panel is designed to detect a fire in your building and alert the occupants that they need to evacuate. Sprinkler systems are similar but have the added ability to supress the fire.

These local systems do not alert the Fire Department that there is an emergency onsite unless you have Fire Alarm Monitoring as part of your solution.

TELSCO provides Fire Alarm Monitoring by installing a Fire Alarm Monitoring Panel that is connected to your local alert system.


ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

Many properties require ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring, specifically ULC-S561-13.

ULC is the fire alarm monitoring standard written by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. This standard governs how fire alarm monitoring equipment is installed, maintained, and how it communicates.

ULC Fire alarm monitoring standards include specifics such as maximum response time to an alarm signal, maximum allowance for service issues to be resolved, and mandatory annual inspections. Not all security providers are able to offer ULC Fire alarm monitoring.

When all ULC specifications are met, a ULC certificate will be issued. This certificate may be required to obtain occupancy for your building.

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Our ULC fire monitoring services are part of our custom security plans. TELSCO serves businesses of every size and offers custom designed security systems based on the type of business you own and the valuables you want to protect.