Commercial Business Security: Testimonial from a Satisfied Client


Business Security.

If you’ve got a business, you want to keep it safe, for a few reasons. Firstly, you’ve got your employees that you want and need to keep safe from intruders. Second, your business has assets…


General, Telsco

We have been leading with Monitored Video solutions for several years now. The police and RCMP recommend video be included as part of every security solution, and we have seen firsthand, time and time again…

Second-Hand Security Equipment: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy It


With the security industry evolving at a fast pace and regularly introducing new products, it is not uncommon to see used security panels or used security cameras for sale in pawn shops, or even online…

Protecting your Renovation Project


There are a lot of reasons to take on a renovation. It may be a necessity to repair damages, increase accessibility or expand your living space. Or it might just be time to change things…

Smart Home Monitoring for Child Safety: Back to school with TELSCO Connect


Girl returning home from school.

As a new school year begins, we find ourselves adjusting to new schedules and routines. We find a new groove in our day to day, and maybe face some extra “firsts” along the way. One…