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Custom Security Solutions for Condominium Buildings


Earlier this year we were approached by a client looking to increase security in their condominium building without impacting the access and convenience of the residents. Following a careful assessment of the building layout, vulnerable…

Video Surveillance Does Not Stop Crime For Businesses


Video Surveillance has historically been used as a tool to understand what happened when nobody was there. It provided a sense of security to have a record of any malicious activity, but when it came…

Is Now The Right Time To Upgrade Your Security System?


If you think of all the ways your business has changed this year, there are likely more than a few things that come to mind. Unprecedented times have pulled us all forward in ways we…

How To Prevent Damage from Flooding With Smart Water Management


Detect Flooding For many years, flood sensors have been available as an add-on to home security. Flood Sensors use a pair of metal probes to recognize the presence of water and trigger an alarm when…

The Best Places To Install Outdoor Security Cameras


If you are considering installing outdoor security cameras to increase the security of your business, you are in good company.  Outdoor space can be difficult to protect, and many business owners are turning to video…