The TELSCO Difference

Our Job Is To Keep You Safe

Not all security providers are the same.

Although the hardware or the services may sound similar, it is the service and support that truly differentiates.

Our team is incredibly passionate about delivering reliable, personal and responsive service that ensures your security experience is a good one. We are mindful every day about providing you with support that demonstrates the TELSCO difference.

The TELSCO Difference


100% LOCAL

Every time you speak with us, you are speaking with someone right here in Edmonton. A real live person will answer the phone 24/7 so you don’t have to deal with a robot phone menu to reach us. By choosing TELSCO, you are supporting your local community.



Unlike most security providers, we don’t outsource your monitoring or sell your agreement to a 3rd party monitoring centre. From sales to service, and everything in between, you are always supported by TELSCO.



We have been providing professional security solutions for home and business owners since 1970. We have hundreds of years combined experience which allows us to provide you with the best security and support.



Your home, business, budget and lifestyle are unique. That’s why every system we provide is 100% customized just for you. Starting with hardware and extending to preferred alarm response protocol and service options.



We get really excited about new technology and we are committed to ensuring you always have access to the latest and greatest security equipment. From Video Doorbells to Video Alarm Verification for Commercial Yards, we are the experts.



It is our job to deliver the kind of service that will win your business every day! We want you to be our customer because it makes you feel safe and happy, not because you are locked into a long term contract.

Door to Door Sales

TELSCO does not do door to door sales. We are happy to visit your home when we are invited, but we respect your time and privacy too much to drop by unexpected. If someone at your door says they are from TELSCO, please do not invite them into your home, and contact our office immediately at 780.424.6971. We are here 24/7 to take your calls.

There may be other security companies that visit your door, as it is a common practice for many providers. If you are visited by a door to door sales rep, we encourage you to ask questions and take your time with a decision. We are here 24/7 to take your calls and answer any questions you might have about TELSCO or your current service.

If you find yourself presented with an incredible offer that seems too good to be true, that just may be the case. Gathering information and fully understanding what is being offered will help ensure you don’t end up in a long-term contract that is not a good fit or not what was promised.

Be sure you can answer the following questions before you sign a contract:

Have you asked for identification and confirmed the sales rep works for a licensed business?

Companies that sell door to door must be licensed under the Consumer Protection Act and carry identification that includes their business licence number.

Do you feel pressured into making a decision on the spot?

If so, ask the sales rep if you can have some time to decide. Let them know that you would like to complete your due diligence before signing a long-term contract. Reputable companies will respect this and will encourage you to research multiple providers to confirm they are the best fit for you. If the sales rep is pressuring you to sign right away and advising you not to contact your current provider, this can be a red flag.

Have you read and understood the contract?

Promotions that sounds too good to be true often are. Low monthly costs can be subject to change unexpectedly and can be impacted by agreements for additional services. Low upfront costs generally come with multi-year agreements and there may be significant financial consequences for early cancellation.

Is it clear what is being offered?

When working with an existing system, be sure that it is well understood what your new system will include or exclude. Existing equipment can often be leveraged as part of an upgrade, but that is not always the case. You don’t want to end up unknowingly reducing your coverage or compromising your intrusion protection with the new package.

Is it clear if the new equipment being offered is being purchased or rented?

Rental equipment will have to be returned and may have significant financial repercussions for any damage, including regular wear and tear.

Are you familiar with the company’s reputation?

Research the company to understand how long they have been in business, how long they have been offering security, and what their track record has been. Look at ratings on the BBB, as well as reviews on sites such as Google, Home Stars and Yelp. Online reviews are a great source of information for real customer feedback. You can visit our google reviews here.

Does the company have a permanent office you can call if you have problems?

When it comes to security, reliable support is a critical component of your service. Although hardware tends to be similar among providers, service is a powerful differentiator. Be sure you understand who you will contact if you require help, what kind of response time you can expect, and what the costs will be. If the company completing the installation is different than the company providing the monitoring (which is very common), be sure to understand how they work together to ensure you are supported.

Who is going to be monitoring your system, and where are they located?

As mentioned above, it is very common for the company completing your installation to use a 3rd party monitoring centre for alarm response. Be sure to ask who the monitoring company is so you can research their reputation and history as well.

Has the Sales Representative explained your option to cancel?

The Consumer Protection Act allows you to cancel a sale within 10 days of receiving your copy of the signed contract if: the purchase was for more than $25, The purchase was made in person, away from the sellers normal place of business, and the purchase was intended primarily for your personal, family or household use. More consumer tips from the Alberta Government about door to door sales can be found here. (will link the Gov. of Ab PDF)

It is not uncommon for us to receive calls from customers that have signed a contract with a competitor and would like to switch back to TELSCO within 10 days. If you have purchased from another provider and would like to inquire about coming back to TELSCO, please call us. We can help.

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