Commercial & Industrial Yard Security

Outdoor yards can be difficult to protect.

Dynamic outdoor environments require security solutions that are intelligent, responsive and actively monitored in order to be effective.

Video Alarm Verification

Although many people implement video surveillance for outdoor spaces, traditional video solutions do not pro-actively provide notice of an intrusion in progress – they simply provide a historical record of what occurred.

With Video Alarm Verification, intelligent camera analytics create alarms when specific events occur in your yard. It may be that a fence line has been crossed or there is movement in an area where there should not be. These video alarm events are sent to our central monitoring centre, right here in Edmonton, where an operator is able to visually verify the cause of an alarm.

The intelligence provided with Video Alarm Verification allows for the most appropriate response; avoiding false dispatch when a coyote is in the yard and ensuring expedited dispatch when an intrusion is verified.

Access Control

If you have a yard that has employees coming and going at all times, you will appreciate the benefits of an easy to use access control system.

Your gate can be equipped with entry security that allows employees to come and go as needed and eliminates the need for traditional keys, all while providing valuable intelligence about activity on site.

With remote programming, you can instantly add and delete users as needed to ensure your access list is always current.

Commercial Yard Security

Commercial Yard Security

How can I protect my yard?

Outdoor environments are dynamic and pose some challenges when it comes to security. Fences, gates and physical barriers to the protected space are critical to controlling the environment, but sometimes are not enough.

Video cameras with intelligent analytics offer an additional layer of protection for these outdoor, controlled environments.

Analytics within the camera are programmed to watch specific areas or zones, and create alarms when people, vehicles or animals (if desired) enter the area.

When alarms are triggered by the analytics, our monitoring center is alerted, and TELSCO operators view the cameras to determine what has caused the alarm. When a threat is detected, the authorities can be dispatched with an increased sense of urgency.

What are the best outdoor security camera systems?

When it comes to outdoor security camera systems, there are hundreds of options. If you want to ensure you have the best camera system for your outdoor space, it is important to work with a professional security partner that can provide expert design, product selection, installation, and support. 

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Security is more than physical safety; it’s the confident feeling our customers get from working with a company they know they can trust.

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Custom Solutions For Your Business

TELSCO serves businesses of every size and offers custom-designed building security systems based on the type of space you need to protect. Contact a member of our team today to discuss a solution for protecting your outdoor yard space.