Upgrade Your Home Security System

Technology is constantly evolving, and the security industry is no different.

Alarm systems that once triggered a siren and sent an alarm when a break-in occurred can now do so much more; keeping you safer, more connected, and even saving you money.

Learn More About Upgrade Options For Your Security System

From more reliable alarm communication to smart locks and video analytics, we offer a wide range of upgrade options to best suit your home and family.

Cellular Monitoring

A dedicated cellular connection is the most reliable monitoring option for your alarm system.

Cellular monitoring eliminates risks that come with traditional phone lines and also makes life easier by enabling remote support and the option to use the TELSCO Connect Smart Phone App.

Mobile App

With the TELSCO Connect Mobile App, you arm, disarm, or update your user codes from anywhere in the world.

You can also stay more connected to activity with real-time text alerts and reminders that let you know if the system is not armed when it should be.

TELSCO Service Assurance Plan

If you are not already enjoying the benefits of our comprehensive service assurance plan, your system upgrade will include this service. With service assurance, the cost of any parts or labour required to repair your system is provided free of charge.

This even includes your backup battery and components that require replacement due to wear and tear.

You can view all the details of the plan here

Video Doorbell

Answer your door from anywhere in the world!

A Video doorbell allows you to see, and speak to visitors at your door using your smartphone.

Security Cameras

Professional security cameras allow you to keep a watchful eye on your home when you are not there. When integrated with your security system, these cameras have powerful insights and value.

Smart Home Automation

Home Automation offers enhanced comfort, convenience, and security.

We provide Door Locks, Thermostats, Lighting, Garage Door Control, and Smart Water Management – all with professional installation.

Life Safety & Damage Prevention

Monitoring for Fire, Flood and Freeze allows for the quickest possible response when an emergency occurs.