Freezing & Low Temperature Monitoring Alarms

During Alberta winters, it does not take long for things to start freezing.

Prevent Problems Due to Freezing and Low Temperatures Early

Do you run for the sun during our long cold winters in Edmonton? Or perhaps you own a cottage that sits vacant in the winter months in Alberta?

A low temperature or freeze alarms helps protect your property when you are not there by providing an early warning when the ambient temperature reaches a dangerously low level.

Programmable Freeze Detection Sensors

These low temperature sensors can be purchased with fixed alarm set points (4 – 10 degrees Celsius) and more advanced sensors are available that allow you to program any temperature between 0-99 degrees Celsius. Depending on the sensor, this may be programmed to alert you of high temperatures as well.

Receiving an early warning that the temperature has dropped can help prevent burst pipes and the frustration that comes along with unexpected pipe damage.

Freeze Alarm Monitoring

Freeze Alarm Monitoring

What is a freeze alarm?

A freeze alarm provides early warning when the temperature in your home or business is approaching a dangerously low level during the winter. When the temperature reaches a pre-set point, an alarm is triggered. This alarm generates an audible alert in the home or business, and also sends an alarm to the monitoring centre. The early warning allows you to address any issues and helps limit damages caused by freezing temperatures, such as plumbing issues.

What is the best freeze alarm?

Some freeze alarms come with a fixed temperature setting, while others are adjustable. With a fixed option, it is important to know what temperature will cause your low temperature sensor to trigger an alarm. The higher the fixed set point, the more time you will have to respond when a risk of freezing is detected. With an adjustable option, the trigger point will be programmed by your technician when the low temperature sensor is installed.

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