Life Safety & Damage Prevention with Smoke, Water, Freeze and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Your security system can protect you from more than just an intrusion.

Life Safety & Damage Prevention

When you think home security, is it just home intrusion protection that comes to mind? What about protecting your home from the damage of burst water pipes or protecting your family from harmful Carbon Monoxide Gas? At TELSCO, we recommend incorporating environmental alarms into your residential security system every time. Aside from the cost of the device, there is no additional monthly charge for this valuable service.

Flood & Leak Detection

Freeze Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Flood Detection

Flood Detection

What is a flood sensor?

A flood sensor is a small device that utilizes two metal probes to detect the presence of water. Flood sensors, along with other devices such as smart water valves, sump sensors, and low temperature sensors can help prevent water damage to your home which could be incredibly expensive to repair.

How does a flood detector work?

When water comes into contact with the flood sensor, an alarm is triggered. The alarm generates an audible alert in the home or business, and also sends an alarm to the monitoring centre. The early warning allows for early intervention and helps limit damages caused by flooding.

Where do you place a flood sensor?

Flood sensors are often installed in several locations throughout a home or business. They are strategically placed near drains or appliances that may pose a flooding risk if they should happen to malfunction.

Marks Matter

Security is more than physical safety; it’s the confident feeling our customers get from working with a company they know they can trust.

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Custom Home Security Packages

We don’t do cookie cutter packages. You are unique and all of our packages reflect this! A complimentary consultation (on the phone or in your home) will allow us to design a custom package just for you.