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Protecting your Renovation Project


There are a lot of reasons to take on a renovation. It may be a necessity to repair damages, increase accessibility or expand your living space. Or it might just be time to change things…

Smart Home Monitoring for Child Safety: Back to school with TELSCO Connect


Girl returning home from school.

As a new school year begins, we find ourselves adjusting to new schedules and routines. We find a new groove in our day to day, and maybe face some extra “firsts” along the way. One…

About The Alberta Emergency Infrastructure Program & Grants


The Government of Alberta has introduced the Emergency Alberta Security Infrastructure Program(E-ASIP) Grant as a way to support groups that may be targeted as a result of religious affiliation, color, race, sexual orientation or another…

Making the Most of TELSCO Connect Notifications for Your Business


business man looking at phone.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the only thing we expected from our alarm systems was for them to let us know if there was a break-in. If there was no break-in, it would…

5 Things to Consider When Comparing Security Providers


pros and cons.

The term “apples to apples” gets used a lot when doing comparative shopping. But with over 30,000 varieties of apples available, comparing apples to apples is likely not as easy as it sounds. The same…