Card Access Systems

Manage and control your building security with flexible and scalable electronic card access solutions.

Card Access Control Systems

A TELSCO Commercial card access system is a proven and effective way of managing control of your building. Our combination of software, electronic door controls, magnetic card readers and swipe card access systems provide solutions for controlling access on both interior and exterior doors. Much easier to manage and control than traditional key access, electronic door entry control is a scalable, easy to use access/security solution for organizations of any size.

Since 1970, we have been designing, installing and supporting access control systems for apartment complexes, parking garages, multi-story corporate headquarters, industrial sites and small businesses in the Edmonton Area.

For clients looking to realize the full potential of a Card Access system, our connected solutions allow business owners and managers to opt for cloud-based, hosted or managed, Card Access Services.

How do Cloud-Based Solutions Differ from Traditional Card Access Security Systems?

With traditional Card Access Systems, all hardware and software requirements are purchased by the end-user. The software is stored, accessed, managed and updated on site. New versions must be purchased and installed to keep the solution current. A dedicated PC is required for running the software, and appointed staff members become responsible for maintaining, updating and preserving the database.

With this traditional model, the solution is vulnerable. A single point of failure can cause massive disruption for an organization.

In a Hosted Solution

With a hosted solution, all your system settings and data are back up daily to TELCSO’s redundant servers. TELSCO hosts the database, server applications, software, and hardware infrastructure. Any software upgrades will be completed automatically and for no additional charge.

Not only is the potential for disruptions, downtime and loss of productivity reduced, infrastructure and IT expenses are lessened with this future-friendly solution.
Accessible remotely by web, tablet or smartphone, you can log in to view or control your access control system at any time.

In a Managed Solution

In addition to the hosted services, with this enhanced platform, TELSCO manages every aspect of your Access Control System, allowing you to focus on your business. TELSCO’s friendly and knowledgeable staff are available 24 hours a day to provide assistant and facilitate updates; anything from an urgent user removal to updated holiday schedules.
Contact our sales team, right here in Edmonton, to see how Access Control can benefit your organization.

Cloud-based access control systems include a comprehensive Service Assurance Plan to help streamline operating expenses and ensure your system remains in peak operating condition.

Increase Convenience

  • Lock or Unlock Doors from Anywhere
  • Create or Delete users Instantly
  • Access Unlimited Workstations 
  • Avoid downtime and disruptions due to system failure

Enhance Security

  • Eliminate Keys and the risks/costs associated with lost keys
  • Customize access both inside and outside your building
  • Review reports to keep users current and stay informed about what is happening in the building

Even More Connected

With Connected Access Control, powered by, small businesses are taking advantage of the big benefits of Access Control.

With solutions focused on small to medium-sized businesses, this connected platform offers full integration with security for streamlined management experience.

Update alarm codes and access fobs in one place, customize door schedules for multiple sites with a single login, receive notifications when specific fobs are used to access (or attempt to access) a door.

Is Cloud-Based Card Access Control for me?

If you are like thousands of business owners or managers, security is not your core business. It is, however, a critical business necessity and when managed correctly, helps the rest of your business run well.

If you have ever experienced one of these issues, we can help.

  • Doors unlocked on holidays or locking/unlocking at the incorrect time
  • Driving back to the office to remove a user quickly
  • Employees that have been gone for months or years still have a valid fob
  • The access Control system doesn’t operate as you expected
  • Problems with a PC crashing, resulting in too much time spend reconfiguring systems
  • Employees or visitors granted inappropriate access due to lax policies (buddy system)
  • Missing out or valuable access reports due to lack of staff training or time

Card Access Control FAQs

What is a physical access control system?

A physical access control system allows for the management of access into or throughout a building using card readers and individual access cards (or fobs). Rather than unlocking a door with a key, a staff member, contractor or another user can present a card to gain access to a restricted area.

How does access control work?

Access control readers are mounted outside of locked doors and grant access (by unlocking the door) when a valid access card is presented. Access cards eliminate the need for individual keys to be assigned and, unlike keys, a card can be programmed to allow access only during specific hours or days of the week.

For public doors, schedules can be set up that dictate what time the door locks and unlocks each day of the week.

With the access control system management done online, updates to door schedules or individual user cards can be done instantly from anywhere. This means that access can be restricted immediately for an employee that has left the business – simply be deactivating the card.

What is the main purpose of access control?

Often used as a cost-effective and more secure alternative to keys, the main purpose of an access control system is to restrict (or control) access to your business. Whether you are controlling access from the exterior of your building or simply looking to add a layer of protection to sensitive rooms inside your business, access control is a flexible option that provides several reporting and notification options. Access control can be used to restrict access based on programmed schedules for doors or individual user access levels.

What is effective access control?

Effective access control ensures that access to your building (or specific areas within your building) is only available to the people that you specify, during the time frames that you specify. This is achieved using a combination of door schedules and user access levels. In order for an access control solution to be effective, it must be well managed, and the database must be kept current.

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Custom Card Entry Systems for Businesses

Contact us today for a free card access system consultation. TELSCO serves businesses of every size and offers custom-designed security systems based on the type of business you own and what you want to protect.