Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Company

Where is TELSCO located?

What are TELSCO’s hours of operation?

Although TELSCO’s monitoring station is operating 24/7, our public access is Monday thru Friday; 8:00am – 4:30pm.

Visit our friendly office staff to purchase a back up battery, pay an invoice, or arrange to have a tour of our building.

Getting Started

How do I pay my invoice?

Invoices can be paid by cheque via. mail, by online banking with the majority of banks, over the phone with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) or in person with cash or debit. For ongoing monitoring charges we can set up automatic bank withdrawal for ease of payment. To participate in the Direct Debit plan, please contact our office at 780.424.6971

How do I get an insurance certificate?

If your insurance company requires a copy of your Installation Certificate to provide you with a discount we will be happy to provide one at your request. Contact our office staff at 780-424-6971 and we will forward a copy to you, or directly to your insurance company.

Do I need a permit for my security system?

A permit may be required for your security system, depending on where you live. Click here for more information.

Do I need my land line to be monitored?

Traditionally, alarm systems have been dependent on analog phone lines to communicate to the Central Monitoring Station. This mode of communication is being replaced by a cellular option.

If you are looking to eliminate your land line, you will require a Cellular Communicator for your alarm system to communicate with the Central Station.

Please contact our sales team at 780.424.6971 to find out about options for your system.


Equipment & Maintenance

Can I control my security system with an app?

With TELSCO Connect, you can connect to, and control your Home or Business security system from anywhere using an App or Web Portal. Not only can you arm and disarm, but you can set up valuable notifications and even integrate with home automation.

How do I change my back up battery?

See this video for step by step instructions on changing your panel battery.

Where can I purchase a back up battery?

The back up battery for your alarm panel can be purchased directly from TELSCO or at a specialty battery retailer.

How do I change the batteries on my wireless devices?

See this video for step by step instructions on changing your panel battery.

Where can I purchase batteries for my wireless devices?

The lithium batteries used to power your wireless devices can be purchased at virtually any hardware store or battery retailer.