Benefits of Life Safety and Damage Prevention Devices

Adding Environmental Coverage to Your Security System


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A rising trend among home and business owners is the need for environmental coverage for their custom security solution. Monitored environmental devices such as smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors, flood sensors, and sump water level sensors add a tremendous amount of value for new or existing security systems.


1. Added Safety

Smoke/Heat & CO Detectors

With traditional smoke and CO detectors an audible alarm alerts occupants of a potential danger. However, there is no communication of the danger to those outside the home or business. With our monitored smoke & heat detectors, you’ll gain peace of mind. Our operators receive an alarm if there is risk of fire or CO gas detected, whether you’re out for dinner or gone away on vacation for an extended period of time.

We even have options for traditionally dusty areas like garages or shops called “Rate-of-Rise” detectors that unlike smoke detectors work based on the heat only and can be installed in similar areas where a smoke detector would not be the best solution.

Carbon Monoxide can cause nausea, disorientation and even render you unconscious, unable to react to the situation. With a monitored CO detector, our operators will be notified and will call out even if you are unable to.


2. Protecting Your Property

Sump/Flood Detection

Having a float sensor installed in your sump pump or a flood detector will help protect your property from unwanted flooding. Knowing sooner rather than later that water is where it shouldn’t be with early notifications can be the difference between some basic clean up or costly repairs.

High/Low-Temperature Detection

Freezing pipes can be another costly repair, luckily they are also avoidable. With our high/low temperature detection systems you can know when or if the temperature in your home rapidly changes. Giving you the opportunity to preemptively remedy the issue.

Smart Thermostats

Adding a smart thermostat allows you to have even more insight and control of your home or business heating using a computer or smart device. Not only does this enhance your comfort and help reduce the risk of unnecessary damage, there are also measurable daily cost savings to be had.

For business owners, you can make sure specific areas (e.g., server rooms) maintain the proper temperature to keep equipment functioning optimally, protecting your investment and ensuring a smooth running operation.


3. Insurance Cost Savings

Having monitored environmental devices in your home or business can qualify you for additional savings on your insurance. On top of the daily efficiencies a monitored security system provides, the savings begin to add up in the long run.

Contact your insurance provider for more details.

Be Prepared

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