Video Is No Longer A Luxury – It’s Essential!

Video Surveillance Systems Have Redefined Security


Video Alarm Verification and Monitoring for Enhanced Response

The traditional role of Video Surveillance as part of a security solution was to provide a historical account of what occurred. Whether it was a burglary, internal theft or even an injury, business owners would be able to search recorded footage for evidence of an unexpected event.

Although there is value to a historical record, the record itself does not have the ability to impact or alter the outcome. It is akin to an autopsy, as opposed to a diagnosis with an opportunity for treatment.

Some of the most exciting developments in video surveillance have come from re-imagining the role of a video camera as part of a security solution.

New video services, such as Video Enhanced Response & Video Alarm Verification allow the video cameras to play an active role in alarm response. With a live video connection between the camera and a professional monitoring centre, emergency response operators are able to respond to alarms based on what they see in real-time. This instant intelligence about an alarm allows for increased urgency when dispatching the authorities, and can even deter burglars using voice-down communication over an integrated intercom.

With video cameras providing actionable information about alarms, they have become an essential component of an effective security system.

Where the security industry has generally considered a video system an add-on to a security solution, this shift in mindset has changed the way we design a security system that will prompt the best response in case of an alarm. Including a video component is now as natural as adding an extra motion sensor or glass break detector.

Not only does accurate response offer enhanced safety and increased likelihood of apprehension, it helps to reduce false alarm dispatches and the costs that may come along with them. Because of the incredible value a live video connection offers, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) is encouraging alarm system owners to include video as part of their security solutions.

Some cities in Canada have already insisted that an alarm be verified with video before the authorities will be dispatched. 

Video Services can be employed on new or existing security systems to maximize the effectiveness of the current solution.