Video Alarm Verification

Video Alarm Verification


Video Alarm Verification offers much more than traditional alarm system response.

With traditional Intrusion systems, the response is based on alarms received from individual devices or zones (door contacts or motion sensors). Although the number and type of devices in alarm provides actionable information, there is no way to know for sure what is causing the alarm. It could be that a door is not fully secured, a balloon was left behind after an office party, or that there is an intruder on site. These causes for alarm require very different levels of attention.

With a Video Verified solution, professional alarm operators receive live video feeds along with alarms when they occur at your site. This video feed provides valuable information about what type of response is required. If a balloon is to blame, there is no need to alert you or your staff; you can remain comfortable at home and avoid guard response charges or employee wages for alarm investigation. If there is an intrusion identified, alarm operators are able to dispatch the authorities with an increased level of urgency.

This ability to visually confirm an intrusion in progress allows for the dispatch of authorities with an increased level of urgency.

Video Surveillance is a powerful tool for historical information, and when paired with an alarm system, becomes a pro-active tool for intrusion prevention and intruder capture. For these reasons, it is expected that video alarm verification will become more and more prevalent in security solutions going forward. In fact, several Canadian cities have introduced bylaws that require an alarm to be visually verified before the authorities will respond. When considering a new security solution (or upgrade), be sure to ask your provider about video alarm verification.