Video Alarm Verification and Monitoring for Enhanced Response

Professionally designed and installed video solutions paired with powerful video services take your security to the next level.

TELSCO Video Verified Alarm Systems

With Video Alarm Verification, intelligent camera analytics trigger silent alarms when specific events occur. It may be that a fence line has been crossed or there is movement in an area where there should not be. These video alarm events are sent to our central monitoring centre, where an operator is able to visually verify the cause of an alarm.

The intelligence provided with Video Alarm Verification allows for the most appropriate response; avoiding false alarms and ensuring expedited dispatch when an intrusion is verified.

Video Alarm Verification offers a powerful and effective security solution for outdoor environments, and significantly increases the likelihood of apprehension.

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Video Enhanced Response

Video Enhanced Response leverages intrusion detection and your security system to provide an enhanced security experience.

With Video Enhanced Response, our operators connect to a live view of your cameras when an intrusion alarm is received.

This instant connection allows the cameras to play an active role in video surveillance and alarm response and empowers operators to react based on what they see in real-time. When a threat is visually verified, our Edmonton, Alberta based team can dispatch the authorities to a confirmed intrusion with an increased level of urgency.

Traditional Intrusion systems

With traditional Intrusion systems, the response is based on alarms received from individual devices or zones (door contacts or motion sensors). Although the number and type of devices in alarm provides actionable information, there is no way to know for sure that the alarm is legitimate and that the response requires an increased level of urgency.

With EPS recommending video be incorporated in all security solutions, and Edmonton bylaws evolving to reduce false alarms, video alarm verification has become an essential part of an effective security solution.

Video Enhanced Response allows you to get the best response – now and in the future!

Benefits of Video Enhanced Response:

  • Allows operators to dispatch to confirmed intrusions with an increased level of urgency
  • Eliminates the need for middle of the night phone calls when an alarm can be verified as false
  • Enhances safety by eliminating the need for staff to respond to unexplained alarms
  • Eliminates costs associated with guard service or employee overtime for alarm investigation
  • Cameras can be accessed remotely by you for real-time viewing of your site
  • Cameras can be set up for 24/7 or motion-activated recording

Whether you are looking at a brand new or upgraded security solution, Video Enhanced Response can be included as an option. Flexible platforms allow for the use of existing equipment with new control components.

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Add Video Monitoring And Alarm Verification To Your Security System

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