Solutions For Vacant Building Security

A property is considered vacant when there is an absence of occupants and property; in other words empty.

How To Keep Your Vacant Building Secure


On the surface, an empty building may not appear to require the same level of security as a fully operational business, however, despite a lack of contents, vacant properties remain attractive targets for criminals. Even without traditional target items such as cash or computers, thieves have been known to seek out empty buildings and help themselves to valuable building components such as the copper in electrical cabling or plumbing infrastructure. This quickly results in incredible damage, disruption, and high repairs, replacement, and insurance costs.

Installing a professional security system is an effective way to help protect your vacant space. Unlike guard patrols or periodic visits, a security system is on duty 24/7 and is designed to pick up any unauthorized entry to the building.


The Most Effective Security Solutions Incorporate Video Monitoring.

With video monitoring, central station operators can see what is happening in your building in real-time when an alarm occurs. A live video connection allows operators to quickly understand the cause of the alarm, and dispatch authorities with an increased sense of urgency when a threat is confirmed. This expedited response limits an intruder’s time-on-site and increases the likelihood of apprehension. Video surveillance cameras onsite also offer the added benefits of recording for health and safety purposes and remote access by you at any time using an app or desktop application.


Stay Connected With Smart Phone Apps

With interactive solutions available, you can stay in touch with your property at all times and be notified of any activity, including visits that are authorized or expected. You can set up text or email notifications to alert you of property showings, cleaning, or maintenance.  If you are a property manager, responsible for several buildings, multi-site platforms provide you with a quick snapshot of all buildings in a single view.


Fire, Flood & Freeze Protection

In addition to deterring theft, a professional security system can also help protect against environmental threats such as fire and flooding. Sensors to detect smoke and unwanted water are monitored 24/7, ensuring that operators can act on alarms and help limit damages from water and fire.


Professional Consultation

A professional security consultant will conduct a site assessment and provide a thoughtful design to ensure your space is protected and connected to best suit your needs. Many professional security consultants will incorporate CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principals as part of their recommendations while conducting an onsite assessment. Additional recommendations for reducing the risk of an intrusion may include bright lighting, temporary fencing, high-quality locks, and trimmed foliage.

Solutions for vacant space can be designed with long term value in mind or can be configured as a rental or temporary security system to meet a short term need. If you need a security solution for your vacant property, book a security consultation with TELSCO today.