The Best Places To Install Outdoor Security Cameras

The Best Places To Install Outdoor Security Cameras


If you are considering installing outdoor security cameras to increase the security of your business, you are in good company.  Outdoor space can be difficult to protect, and many business owners are turning to video surveillance as a way to deter and capture criminal activity.

Security cameras themselves have been around for decades, but we have come a long way since VHS recorders and small black and white TV screens. Thanks to incredible developments in technology, security cameras are now available with high definition pictures and valuable features such as thermal imaging or video analytics that allow them to play an active role in protecting your outdoor space. Even in nighttime or low-light conditions, cameras are able to capture activity and offer valuable information.

Whether your cameras will strictly record video in the yard for OH & S purposes, trigger alarms when someone approaches a gate, or keep a watchful eye on your building entrances, video plays an important role in protecting people and property.

With the tremendous value and enhanced functionality that outdoor security cameras can offer, thoughtful design and strategic camera placement is key to ensuring you have the best outdoor security camera system for your space. A well placed, professionally installed camera with the right feature set may prove more useful than 2 or 3 cameras that have been installed to capture a generic view.

A professional security provider will consider several factors such as camera features, physical barriers, yard layout, and what you want to protect when planning the placement of cameras for your customized solution.

Camera Features

There are literally thousands of outdoor security cameras to choose from. When considering the placement of the camera, you will need to understand the features of the cameras such as fixed or varifocal lens, range of view, and night vision capabilities. Knowing what the camera is capable of will ensure that you get your desired view from your chosen location.

Physical Barriers & Yard Layout

When planning camera placement in an outdoor space, physical barriers such as fences and gates may be important areas for you to cover. Secure yards with clear entry and exit points create great opportunities for active video monitoring and with 24/7 recording, offer valuable historical information about who is coming and going.

The layout of the yard and available lines of sight are important considerations. If you have large amounts of equipment between your building and your gate, you may want to think of re-organizing the yard or adding a camera-specific to the gate. It may be recommended that you install poles in the yard for additional placement options to achieve your desired views.

If you have trees or foliage that may interfere with a clear picture from your line of sight, you may want to remove them or make a regular appointment to keep them clean and trim.

What do you want to protect?

With any video solution, the most important consideration is always what you want to protect. This is the key question when it comes to an effective outdoor security camera system, and whether the system is designed to focus on the entry points, fence line, or yard contents, the final installation placement will be driven from the answer to this question.

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