Alberta Emergency Security Grants

About The Alberta Emergency Infrastructure Program & Grants


The Government of Alberta has introduced the Emergency Alberta Security Infrastructure Program(E-ASIP) Grant as a way to support groups that may be targeted as a result of religious affiliation, color, race, sexual orientation or another attribute that may put them at risk of bias, hate or prejudice.

With the E-ASIP grant, organizations can receive up to $12,000 in funds that can be used to enhance security and mitigate any immediate risk to a facility and it’s users. Organizations are not required to match funding in order to apply for the grant, which allows for an incredible opportunity to increase safety and security that may not have been otherwise possible.

TELSCO has been providing commercial security solutions for over 50 years, and with over 400 years of experience on our current team, we are well prepared to help organizations make the most of this opportunity. Whether we are starting from scratch or looking for ways to improve an existing security solution, our experts will provide recommendations that address current risks and provide the best value for years to come.

Some of the solutions and services we can recommend to increase security:

All of our solutions are monitored and supported by our team right here in Edmonton.


Some of the groups/facilities that may be eligible for the E-ASIP Grant:

  • Places of Worship
  • Provincially/Territorially recognized private educational institutions
  • Community Centers
  • Provincial/Municipal Historic Resources
  • Cemeteries
  • Shelters
  • Permanent Ceremonial Facilities or Monuments

The full details of the grant and eligibility requirements can be found in this link: