The Impact of a Break-In at your Business

The true value of an effective security solution is not always realized.

The Impact of a Break-In at your Business


commercial intruder.

Thankfully for business owners, many security systems never experience an actual intrusion and do not have the opportunity to demonstrate their full potential. It is not until you experience a break-in or attempted break-in at your business that you can truly appreciate how important your security solution is. It is at this moment that you realize how grateful you are for a professional installation, fast response and thoughtful follow up. It is in this moment that you come to understand how much worse things could have been and how much your security system has saved you.

When people think about loss from an intrusion, they often think about the items that can be taken; obvious targets such as computers, vehicles, jewelry, narcotics, cash, and copper. But as the dust settles and insurance claims are filed, it quickly becomes apparent that the actual impact can be much more significant. 

High Value Items

This is, of course, an important consideration. Although these items will likely be covered by insurance, some items carry sentimental or less obvious value. Perhaps you have an item ready to be picked up by a customer the following day or an event booked, and the break-in leaves you unable to fulfill your commitment and damages your relationship. If you store customer items at your business, you may find that financial compensation is not adequate for what has been lost. Your insurance deductible as well as any increases in premium to replace lost items should also be considered. 

A security system that offers fast detection and quick response limits what can be taken.

Your Reputation

If you store client information in your business, using paper files or a digital format, you may be required to contact each and every one of them in the event of a break-in at your business. Not only can this be terribly time consuming, but your customers will not likely be pleased to hear that their personal information may have been compromised. Earning the trust of a customer can take years, but it can be lost in a moment. The destruction of trust can result in the loss of referrals and future business from your clients.

Video Enhanced Security Solutions not only offer faster response but also offer valuable information about which areas were compromised and can confirm your customer information remained secure.

Lost Opportunities

If your business experiences a break-in, missing items or damage to your property may result in unexpected downtime for your business. The direct cost of lost time can be calculated, but there is also the cost of lost future potential. Did you have to cancel an appointment that caused a customer to go elsewhere and caused you to lose a life-long client? Did you have to cancel any client meetings that could have led to a big sale? Perhaps your next biggest fan kept walking when they saw the closed sign on your shop door.

Faster response means less damage, less loss, and less downtime. 


If your business experiences an intrusion while staff are onsite, it can be extremely traumatizing. You will want your staff to know you did all you could to keep them safe if such an event should occur. If your staff do not feel safe or cared for, it can affect morale which impacts all areas of your business. 

Comprehensive Security with Panic Alarms and Video Support offers comfort for staff who may be working in high-risk environments. 


Choosing the right security partner and solution for your business is critical. 

The pay-off of a great decision might not come today, or even any time soon, but in the moment of truth – you will be thankful.