Professional Monitoring for a Smarter/Safer Summer

Professional Monitoring for a Smarter/Safer Summer


Staying Connected is great and with powerful home automation tools, such as TELSCO Connect, it is easier than ever to be in tune with what is happening at home all the time. Instant alerts let you know when the kids arrive home, that the dog walker was late, or that the garage overhead door was left open. With streaming video, you never have to wonder what Buster gets up to all day, and you can even say hello with 2-way voice.

As great as connection is, summer can be a time to disconnect and unplug. Whether it is a trip to the mountains, the beach, or even a staycation exploring Edmonton, you want to know your home is protected when you are not there.

Telsco Connect App

Professional monitoring is always the best way to protect your home, but while travelling, you may come to appreciate the always on response even more.

Missed Alerts

It is not always possible to have your phone with you while travelling, which means you may miss alerts. You might be on a plane, in the pool, or enjoying an afternoon siesta when a critical event occurs back home. If a fire alarm is triggered, there is no time to spare when it comes to response.  If you are travelling overseas, you may not even have the option of calling 9-1-1 to connect with your local emergency services.

Don’t get us wrong, smartphone alerts from home can be extremely helpful. They can offer peace of mind by letting you know all is well, letting you know the house sitter has arrived, or alert you to the fact that your teens are exploring the garage.

For a real emergency, however, you need professional security monitoring.

Professional Monitoring

With professional monitoring, you won’t need to worry about a thing. Any critical events such as intrusion alarms or sump pump failure will be received and responded to by our local team 24/7. You won’t need to spend time on your holiday calling neighbors and friends to see if someone can check on your home… They may be away too!

With SafeGuard response plans, our operators ensure suspicious activity is checked on and alarms are investigated as quickly as possible.

Professional Monitoring with SafeGuard

Vacation is a wonderful way to recharge and knowing your home is in good hands allows you fully enjoy your time away.