When to Upgrade your Security System

New challenges have led us to solutions with benefits much larger than we could have anticipated.

Is Now The Right Time To Upgrade Your Security System?


If you think of all the ways your business has changed this year, there are likely more than a few things that come to mind. Unprecedented times have pulled us all forward in ways we may have not been able to push ourselves. We have evolved quicker than we may have thought possible and found new and exciting ways to conduct business.

Chances are there were changes you were thinking of making but had been holding off on until remote working or changing market conditions forced you to take the leap. And there is also a very good chance that the positive impact on your business will have long-lasting effects.

If you have been holding off on an upgrade to your security system for any of the following reasons, now just may be the right time to embrace that change as well. Here are the four most common reasons why businesses hold off on upgrading their security system and what our security experts have to say.

1. The Initial Investment will be too expensive

Many security upgrades can make use of existing equipment as part of the new solution which helps limit upfront investment. In many cases, an update to control components completely changes your security system into an interactive solution. Peripheral devices are often universal, and if the existing detection equipment is in good repair and continues to offer adequate protection, there may be no need to replace it.

Contract renewals and the addition of new, value-enhancing services are often accompanied by discounts on the upfront expense.

2. I don’t want to pay more for my Monthly Services

It’s true, an upgrade can mean an increase to your monthly services but when we break it down, it is often a better value. Upgrades to interactive security and video monitoring services can save you money in several ways such as:

  • No need to pay for guards or staff to investigate an alarm when video enhanced response is utilized
  • Save time and money by avoiding late-night drives to the office to check or turn on the alarm
  • Maximize revenues and efficiencies by ensuring your business is opened and closed when it should be using Interactive Notifications
  • Eliminate the need for keys or lock replacement when keys are lost with Access Control
  • Avoid unexpected services expenses by opting for a service plan that covers the cost of parts and labour-Increase the likelihood of apprehension and limit damages and downtime with faster response that is made possible with video services

3. I don’t want to train users on a new system

Future Friendly security solutions have been designed with the user experience in mind. With easy to use interfaces for your smartphone or PC, day to day functions such as user updates are easier than ever before. Say so long to days of fighting with the keypad or keeping spreadsheets updated with current user codes. An updated user list also enhances your security be ensuring stale codes or old access fobs are not left in the system.

4. We just don’t need an Upgrade

A high-quality security system with professional installation can have a very long lifespan; decades even. A working system may seem like a good reason to postpone an upgrade, but with the significant-tech evolution in security and changes that may have taken place in your business, a site review can be a worthwhile investment. Additions such as Interactive Security, Video Services, and Access Control help leverage your investment to get the best response, all while improving your security management experience.

Waiting to upgrade your system until it breaks down may also seem like a good way to get the most out of your investment, but it can also leave your site vulnerable (even just for a short time) while you transition from your old system to your new.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your security solution, call us or book a free consultation with our security experts today.