General, Telsco

We have been leading with Monitored Video solutions for several years now. The police and RCMP recommend video be included as part of every security solution, and we have seen firsthand, time and time again just how effective video monitoring is at protecting our customers. Monitored Video Solutions use the existing intrusion system or cameras with built-in analytics to trigger an alarm or notification to the monitoring team. From there, our operators instantly connect to a live video stream and can see exactly what is happening in your property. They can quickly determine what caused the alarm and deliver the most appropriate response. This ability to visually verify an intrusion in progress and pass along a high level of urgency (as well as key details about the intruder and their actions) to the authorities is a massive game changer. And not only that, when we can verify an alarm as false, we don’t need to wake you up in the middle of the night or dispatch a costly guard to investigate.

For Your Home

With traditional home alarm systems, all that the alarm company could do was call the homeowner to report that an alarm was triggered. There was no way to confirm if the alarm was caused by an actual intrusion, the wind, a cat, a stray balloon or a slow code entry at the keypad. Legacy solutions required operators to take time to listen in using 2-way voice, wait for more alarm signals or send a guard to get more information about what might have caused the alarm.

With video, the delays are eliminated, and operators are empowered to respond much more quickly. Monitored Residential Video Solutions are sometimes looked at as excessive or extravagant for a home; but did you know that Video solutions are recommended by the authorities in most cases? With most 911 Call centers following ECV (Enhanced Call Verification) procedures, this means that a dispatch will not be made unless the alarms consist of BOTH an exterior alarm ( Door, Window or Glass break) and an Interior motion or the alarm is determined to be legitimate by the Keyholders. Depending on system design or emergency contacts listed on the account, this procedure can delay the response should an actual break-in occur. Our solution to this is Residential Video Enhanced Response! With strategically placed Cameras and intrusion devices we can design a solution focused on response and ensuring you receive a timely and appropriate response for the scenario unfolding onsite. If you already have a video solution from TELSCO at your home, chances are we can turn on our Amazing Video Enhanced response with additional monthly fees! We want to ensure our customers receive the best response the industry has to offer.

For Your Business

Traditional security solutions have faced the same challenges as those offered for homes. Legacy technology delayed response, and left both operators and property owners left guessing what was actually happening at site when an alarm was triggered. At a business, there can be a lot of reasons the alarm might be triggered; perhaps it is staff trying to disarm or even arm the system, cleaners, maintenance, a system/device malfunction, or an actual emergency. When a call is received, it can be really difficult to make a decision to either go down yourself, send a staff member into a potentially dangerous situation or send a guard that it will come with a costly dispatch fee. When it comes to emergency services, they have specific requirements that must be met before they will attend, and some jurisdictions won’t even respond to a business during regular working hours. With a Monitored video solution, we take away that uncertainty. Monitoring teams will be able to see live what is happening inside the building and will be able to respond accordingly. Response focused design is the key to Video Monitoring Solutions. Not only is your business protected you are able to feel positive about your investment knowing that you are keeping your staff safe, and you are not spending money or wasting precious time. Take back your power as a business owner by securing your business the right way from the start. Don’t wait until something happens to make improvements to your security solution, You never know when you will need it!

For Your Yard

From the days of fence line wire runs, gate plugs, and bulky outdoor motions we now can use cameras to provide your yard protection like never before. Should someone or something get into your space the right camera solution will trigger an alarm and alert our monitoring centre. Onboard analytics are better than ever with cross line detection, object & people detection and even some cameras having visual and audible deterrents built right in. Monitored Video has changed the game when it comes to protecting outdoor space. We have even seen several cases, where our monitoring team has been able to navigate authorities to find people hiding in a yard or let them know which direction an intruder fled or the details of the break in which led to an arrest. Monitored Video gives us those important details that are necessary to help find who may have caused damage or even stolen from you.

With the industry always evolving and criminals always learning, we need to make sure that we are constantly finding new ways to deliver the BEST alarm response! Monitored Video solutions paired with a traditional security system have proven to be the most effective solution, leading to over 20 apprehensions in the past 2 years alone. If you don’t have video tied in with your security solution, we recommend you look into your options today! It’s better to be proactive when it comes to security as you never know when you will need a proper response.