Commercial Business Security: Testimonial from a Satisfied Client

Commercial Business Security: Testimonial from a Satisfied Client


Business Security.

If you’ve got a business, you want to keep it safe, for a few reasons. Firstly, you’ve got your employees that you want and need to keep safe from intruders. Second, your business has assets that are vital and valuable – so you want to do everything possible to keep them from being damaged or stolen. And thirdly, even if nothing was damaged or taken, a break-in at your business property can be hugely disruptive and distressing for you and your people. That alone can keep everyone from performing at their best, making it harder for your business to run and for your employees to enjoy their work.

Over the years, various security methods have been tried and adopted by businesses to keep their premises safe. In this blog, we’re discussing the power of next-generation video monitoring in keeping your business safe, and sharing the testimony of one of our happy video monitoring clients: Top Draw, a marketing agency based in Edmonton, AB.

How Video Monitoring Works for Businesses

Thanks to Hollywood, there are a lot of assumptions about how video surveillance works in businesses. Traditional video monitoring works like this:

  1. A company installs cameras all around your property.
  2. If a break-in occurs, the footage is reviewed and used to help track down the intruder or as evidence.

It’s not bad, but traditional video monitoring has its limitations. It’s still reactive – the footage is only used after a break-in to determine what happened.

TELSCO video monitoring is a bit smarter than that. If you want to use video monitoring for crime prevention, our solution allows us to see when alarms have been triggered on your premises and start viewing your system in real-time. That intelligence can be used to verify whether the alert is genuine or a false alarm, making sure that you, the authorities, and costly security teams aren’t disturbed unnecessarily. If the alarm is genuine, we can dispatch the authorities and provide them with valuable intelligence that can help them apprehend an intruder. 

“We’ve had instances over the last 24 years where TELSCO has dispatched fire and police without even notifying us, based on a protocol we’ve set up with them.”
Ken Jurina, CEO, Top Draw

Our 24/7 video surveillance solution, simply put, means that you don’t need to worry about a thing. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll only ever be notified of a genuine alarm, and in most cases, the emergency services will already have been dispatched to deal with the emergency. Plus, if you use high-definition video, it’s possible to avoid issues with grainy footage, giving you a crystal clear picture of what’s going on. 

But these aren’t the only reasons why customers like Top Draw love working with us on their security…

Why We’re Not Your Cookie Cutter Security Company

“I think having a local vendor that we can work with and talk with face to face is definitely a big reason why we selected them as our security company.”
Ken Jurina, CEO, Top Draw.

At TELSCO we recognize that a company’s security needs are as unique as the company itself. So when we deal with a new client, we always start from scratch. We offer free consultations so that businesses can discover our approach for themselves, and we can start the customization process as early as possible in the journey. We ask about what your security goals are, inspect your premises, and combine that with our experience to suggest a security system that’s the best fit for your business – even down to the types of cameras used.

When it comes to video monitoring, our team monitors your system 24/7, constantly alert for alarms or alerts that require monitoring. And, through our TELSCO Connect app, you too can monitor and control your system from anywhere via your smartphone or laptop.

Best of all for Albertan businesses, we’re local. All out monitoring takes place in Edmonton and is done in-house, so you know exactly who is watching your premises. And, because we’re local, it’s easy to come and talk to us if you have questions, problems, or ambitions you want to discuss. 

Commonly asked questions about video monitoring

  Have you ever caught a criminal using video monitoring?

While we can’t comment on individual cases, the short answer is yes! Our video monitoring solutions, when paired with a traditional security system, have led to over 20 apprehensions in the last two years. This is because the combination of traditional security and video allows us to see in real time what has triggered an alarm or alert – and, if it is an intruder, that gives us valuable intelligence to pass to law enforcement that can help them track down and apprehend the intruder.

  Aren’t video monitoring systems all the same?

Not at all. There are numerous ways in which video monitoring systems can differ:

  • The types, positions, and variety of cameras in a system may be different depending on what the customer is looking to monitor, the size of the premises, the lighting, and the budget.
  • The ‘intelligence’ of the system can also vary. Some solutions can detect movement on their own, while others need additional sensors to detect movement, and some have no detection capabilities at all.
  • Systems can also be monitored or unmonitored. TELSCO video monitoring solutions are monitored, meaning that once an alarm is triggered a human will be looking at your system in seconds to see what is going on.

  Do video monitoring systems automatically call the police?

No system will automatically alert the authorities in the event of an alert – the chance of a false alarm is too great and it would result in lots of wasted police time. Instead, monitored solutions like ours alert us automatically when an alarm is tripped. Our team reviews the video footage, and if an intruder is found (or if we can determine that an alert was genuine but can’t see anything on the cameras) we will inform the authorities. Police forces often have stringent requirements for break-ins, requiring an interior and exterior alarm to be tripped before dispatching officers. With a monitored video solution like ours, we take away that uncertainty and can get the authorities dispatched to your premises faster.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the police we call, either. If we can see someone is injured, or that there is a fire, our team will alert medical and fire authorities to respond, helping keep your people and premises safe from more than just burglary.


Interested in video monitoring for your business?

If this article has got you interested in having video monitoring as part of your security setup, we’d love to talk with you. It’s entirely possible that your existing system (even video systems) can be integrated into our 24/7 Video Surveillance solution, giving you powerful new capabilities without wasting existing investment. To learn more and get in touch, click here. You can also click here to see the full video testimonial from our happy customer Top Draw.