Telsco’s Security Systems are Santa Safe!

Telsco’s Security Systems are Santa Safe!



As the holiday season nears, your family may be wondering whether or not Santa will be able to deliver gifts to a home protected by Telsco. Telsco’s security systems will keep you and your loved ones safe from intrusions, floods and fires but rest assured, our systems have been upgraded so Santa and his team of reindeer can deliver gifts without setting off any noisy alarms.

To help explain how we’ve prepared our systems for Santa, we’ve asked our Holiday Experience Coordinator, Kristin, to share some festive thoughts on how Telsco has prepared for the Man in Red.

Safe for Santa

As you deck the halls and trim the tree,
Do you find yourself worried about security?

If your house is locked, safe and secure,
How will Santa bring gifts in this year?

Well, here at Telsco have thought of everything,
There will be no worries when sleigh bells ring.

Your system is smart, and setting up “Stay” mode is quick,
It’s easy for you to prepare for St. Nick.

While you are nestled all snug in your beds,
Santa can now safely poke in his head.

With wireless cameras set up in place,
You may even capture a clip of his face.

Should something go wrong, like a flood or a fire,
We are always on duty, our staff never tire.