5 Things to Consider When Comparing Security Providers


pros and cons.

The term “apples to apples” gets used a lot when doing comparative shopping. But with over 30,000 varieties of apples available, comparing apples to apples is likely not as easy as it sounds. The same…

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial Security Company


Business owner out front.

When you hire someone, you want to be sure you are selecting the best candidate. It is no different when it comes to hiring a security provider to protect your business. Asking some key questions…

The Impact of a Break-In at your Business


commercial intruder.

Thankfully for business owners, many security systems never experience an actual intrusion and do not have the opportunity to demonstrate their full potential. It is not until you experience a break-in or attempted break-in at…

Custom Security Solutions for Condominium Buildings


condo buildings.

Earlier this year we were approached by a client looking to increase security in their condominium building without impacting the access and convenience of the residents. Following a careful assessment of the building layout, vulnerable…

Video Surveillance Does Not Stop Crime For Businesses


Video Surveillance has historically been used as a tool to understand what happened when nobody was there. It provided a sense of security to have a record of any malicious activity, but when it came…