5 Myths About Commercial Security Systems

5 Myths About Commercial Security Systems


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Television and movies have a greater influence on how we think than most people realize. And that becomes very evident in the perception of  how to keep a business facility secure. With actor thieves breaking into stores and businesses to get caught red-handed by actor heroes, it’s no surprise that people eventually start thinking real criminals act in predictable ways.

Here are five common myths that some business owners believe to be true when it comes to keeping their business locations safe.

1. Commercial security is too expensive

A good commercial security system will be customized and scalable, allowing you to work within a budget that makes sense for your organization. With options for various levels of intrusion protection, video surveillance and access control, pricing and protection will vary significantly from business to business. When thinking about the cost of security, you must also consider the cost of what you are protecting. Sure, there is insurance, but there is a lot of hassle associated with a break-in and a lot of risk in time or property theft from staff than can go unnoticed. With new interactive features, commercial security systems not only enhance your physical security, but save you time and money with remote connectivity, ease of management and business insights.

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2. I don’t need security

It makes for a good movie when the bad guys are breaking into a vault filled with jewels and stacks of cash. In reality, not many businesses have movie-worthy stashes of goods in their office every day. Thinking you don’t have anything worth protecting leaves you vulnerable. It may be computers, office supplies, or sensitive client files that you need to protect. You may feel safe because you are in an office tower and you only have one entry door that leads to an indoor hallway– do you know who has access to that hallway? Perhaps your biggest risk of loss comes from lost time and you need to stay connected to the activity of your business? With the wide variety of systems available, there is a solution that can be customized to suit a need you may not realize you have. An in-depth security consultation with needs analysis can provide helpful insight and recommendations.

3. Security systems don’t deter thieves

Burglars and thieves always look for easy targets. While scoping out your office or building, if security cameras, access control panels or intrusion sensors are in plain sight, most thieves will move on to an easier target – especially with video verified alarms, where intrusion detection is taken to the next level. With plenty of signage on doors, windows and fences you can let thieves know your site is protected before they even get close enough to peer in.

4. A security system for the office is too complicated

A well-designed security solution will compliment your organization and fit seamlessly into day to day operations. Training staff on a security system should be a breeze and using the system will become second nature in no time at all. With cloud-based and interactive options, the management side of security is easier than ever. The days of standing at a keypad programming numerous codes, calling IT to update software, or trying to track down a physical key from a departed employee are gone. Updates can be made instantly and easily with intuitive platforms that require little training and are incredibly powerful. An App can be used to unlock a door, arm the alarm system, and create a new user all without going to the office (or learning complicated programs).Alarm.com Security Dashboard

5. The alarm system is useless if there’s a power outage

If an alarm system was entirely dependent on the electric grid source used to power lights and basic electricity, then it would fail when the power goes out. This was a known problem with early alarm systems wired to the grid. However, modern alarm systems have overcome this problem with uninterrupted power supplies and backup batteries. When the local power grid goes down, the battery kicks in and continues to power the alarm system. It can usually last for two to three days; more than long enough to outlast a typical brownout or blackout with the local power grid. As a result, a temporary power cut is no longer a problem.

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