Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

Fire & Sprinkler System monitoring provides protection plus peace of mind.

ULC-Listed Monitoring

A ULC-listed security provider since 1970, TELSCO offers a comprehensive range of commercial products and services, from video surveillance and intrusion detection systems to card access to sprinkler system monitoring.

The obvious application of sprinkler system monitoring is to promptly alert the fire department of sprinkler activation caused by a fire; however, fire sprinkler alarm system monitoring by TELSCO can also provide protection from the following:

  • Water leaks or faulty activation of the equipment – especially important when the premises are vacant
  • Failed water supply – your sprinkler system can’t operate without water
  • Low-temperature damage if your building experiences heat failure

In the event of a fire, sprinkler protection and monitored smoke alarms can grant your employees time to evacuate the premises, can reduce damage caused by fire and equipment failures and will provide peace of mind.

Contact our knowledgeable security consultants today to discuss customized security packages, a ULC-listing for your sprinkler system or 24/7 sprinkler system monitoring.

Sprinkler Monitoring

Sprinkler Monitoring

Does a sprinkler system have to be monitored?

If you have a sprinkler system, it should be monitored. A sprinkler system may be monitored as a stand-alone system, or as part of your fire panel.

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Custom Security Packages for Your Business

TELSCO serves businesses of every size and offers custom designed security systems based on the type of business you own and the valuables you want to protect.