Pharmacy Security Solutions

Patients rely on you for care when they need it most. Our security systems help you deliver.

Prevent break-ins and property damage. TELSCO Security monitors and detects movement within your pharmacy with robust alarm systems, video-enhanced response, and temperature control.

Pharmacy Business Security

Our security solutions come with over 50 years of experience behind them. With deep expertise in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, we build specialized and enhanced systems fit for your pharmacy store or health clinic.

Why Pharmacies Trust Our Security

Wireless and Responsive Security Alarm Systems

A comprehensive security solution begins with an alarm system. 

With video systems, door sensors, motion sensors, and glass break detectors, our specialists can custom design your security system to trigger an alarm if a breach occurs at your pharmacy or clinic. Along with intrusion protection, your alarm system can send you valuable notifications about what’s happening at your business—even when the system is disarmed.

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Smart Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance can help track down suspects when robberies take place.

These are installed in high-risk areas, such as the cash counter, dispensing areas, and drug and prescription storage areas. At TELSCO, we further increase the value of your video system by using it to enhance alarm response. When we receive an alarm from your business, our operators log in to your video system to see real-time movements and share this information with the authorities as needed. With this quick-response technology on hand, we can significantly help reduce theft and control financial and property loss.

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Mounted and Wireless Panic Alarms

We realize how critical it is to keep your staff safe when they’re at work.

We can mount panic alarms on a counter, or staff can wear wireless pendants while moving around the building. If your employees find themselves in a threatening situation, they can push the panic button to alert our monitoring team. Real-time video surveillance allows us to assess the threat and get help on the way as quickly as possible. 

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Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring helps you protect critical assets from threats that go beyond theft.

Temperature sensors monitor the temperature of freezers, refrigerators, server rooms, medical supplies, and other sensitive medical products. If the temperatures exceed a set range, you get notified so you can investigate early on to mitigate loss. 

Access Control System

Access control restricts entrance into your building from outside while also allowing you to manage access to sensitive areas within your building.

In highly sensitive areas, employee screening systems allow limited access and periodically verify license status. Staff should be restricted from keeping paraphernalia lying around the pharmacy to minimize safety risks. Fob card readers can be installed to protect sensitive storage areas or private offices during the day. 

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Security is more than physical safety; it’s the confidence our customers get from working with a company they can trust.

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Install Your Custom Pharmacy Security System

Ask a security specialist about protecting your pharmacy, medical clinic, dental clinic, or veterinary clinic.

Have Questions About Your Pharmacy Security?

What is the cost of your pharmacy security plans?

We build custom security packages unique to your pharmacy. Please fill out the form or call one of our security experts to discuss your options. They will work with you to audit your pharmacy’s security needs and build the right package for you.

Why is a pharmacy security system important?

The rapid spike in pharmacy robberies across Alberta has alarmed pharmacists to the rising threat of medication misuse. The Alberta College of Pharmacy has developed an online resource for member pharmacists to review safety protocols mandated for the safe operation of pharmacies.

What should I look for in a pharmacy security package?

The most reliable security solutions are supported by a comprehensive security audit of your store to ensure only the most relevant devices are chosen and installed for maximum safety. Real-time video surveillance, controlled access to critical areas of the pharmacy, and a clutter-free physical environment ensure your pharmacy is looked after 24/7 for safety discrepancies.

What security risks do pharmacies face?

From liquid spills to hostility towards staff, pharmacies are exposed to a number of risks. When they aren’t equipped with reliable and fast tools that will get them a quick response from authorities, they risk delaying safety for those involved.