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Your security provider should give you complete peace of mind. At TELSCO, we provide 24/7 local support, fast response time, and real-time monitoring, while keeping your costs consistent. If your provider falls short, or you’re exploring a security system for the first time, we are ready to protect you and your business.

And if that’s not enough to convert you, sign up with us today on a qualifying security package and receive up to $1500 in credits towards your new business security package. After all, we are 100% Edmonton-based – no security provider supports local Edmonton businesses more than we do. 

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Why Choose TELSCO To Secure Your Business Premises?


We’re security experts.

We focus on keeping Edmontonians safe from intruders. Everyone at TELSCO, from our sales team to our technicians, is a highly experienced security professional.

We’re Local.

Unlike other security providers who outsource their support to other countries, we handle everything from our Edmonton offices. From our support teams to our 24/7 video surveillance monitoring service, you’ll always speak to someone in Edmonton who knows the area, the local bylaws, and everything else needed to give you a great service.

Every Solution Is Built Custom.

Our consultants will advise you on the right package for you, including reusing much of your existing security equipment. With TELSCO you’ll never pay more than you need to – and our customers love our consistent billing, too.

Remarkable Response Times.

Because we monitor our clients’ security systems, we’re able to quickly identify genuine alarms and alert emergency services to help. Our incredibly quick response times mean we apprehend more intruders and keep more property safe.

What Types of Businesses Does TELSCO Protect?

TELSCO security systems can protect any kind of business, with particular expertise in the following businesses:


Retail Store Security

Retail stores are complicated environments with lots going on. Our smart security solutions help you create a system that alerts you to activity that needs your attention while eliminating false alarms, and that can be controlled remotely – saving you from late-night trips to store locations to clear codes.

Commercial and Industrial Yard Security

Our proactively monitored video surveillance systems give you crucial early warning if intruders enter your premises – and eliminate false alarms and late-night trips to your compound. We even alert the authorities for you in the event of an emergency, so your assets are protected faster.

Multi-Site Security

TELSCO security solutions enable you to manage security for all your sites centrally – even from your mobile device. You can minimize time spent traveling to sites while remaining confident that everything is secure.

Security Solutions Designed for Your Unique Needs

While the above are our specialty, they are not our limit. We cater to any commercial, industrial, or business property; also including apartment buildings, enterprise offices, retail cannabis businesses, and property management companies (and their holdings).

TELSCO Security Solution Features

Our experience and specialism in security means we have a wide range of services to help you maintain complete control of your premises, whether you have a single office or multiple sites:


24/7 Video Surveillance

Enhance your alarm systems with high-definition video surveillance, backed up with constant monitoring from our Edmonton-based team.

Smart Card Access Control

Secure both internal and external doors with our card access control systems. Better still, our cloud-based system lets you monitor and configure everything remotely, so you’re always in control.

ULC Fire Panel Monitoring

React faster to fire alarms with our 24/7 alarm monitoring service. We can identify false alarms and dispatch emergency services faster to genuine emergencies, protecting your time and your premises.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Let us create a completely tailored alarm system to protect your business, which can be integrated with your access control and video monitoring solutions if needed. All backed by our incredible support team, of course.

TELSCO Connect For Business

Our mobile app gives you full control of all your TELSCO security systems, wherever you are. Arm and disarm systems, clear codes, and get real-time notifications of everything that’s going on in your building.

Ready for enhanced security?

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Ready To Make The Switch To Better Security?

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