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Top Draw Calls on Telsco for a Comprehensive Security System.

Top Draw Calls on Telsco for a Comprehensive Security System

Founded in 1993, Top Draw is a fully integrated online marketing agency. They have helped numerous businesses embrace the potential of the Web with their in-depth knowledge, consultation and training.

Top Draw’s unique building layout includes two independently operated partitions, a rooftop patio and three separate building entrances that all require specific security specifications to meet their unique needs.

The Situation

Top Draw engaged TELSCO to create a custom security package tailored to their unique security needs. Protecting the safety of staff, clients, visitors and the building was Top Draw’s first priority.

“When you’re a business owner, you’re most concerned with protecting your people and making sure they feel safe and secure. Seconds matter, so reliable and prompt service is important.”

—Ken Jurina, Top Draw CEO

The Services

A comprehensive security system that includes live video. Competitively priced, and professionally installed, video cameras produce clear images that can assist in the identification of intruders.

Top Draw was recently targeted when two people attempted to break into their office. After reviewing the security footage, they were able to provide police with videos of the crimes to identify and prosecute intruders.

The Benefits

By providing proactive recommendations, we ensure that Top Draw employees, visitors and their entire building is protected.

Custom Installation focuses on the needs of Top Draw, and addresses a unique security need. The solution offers strategic device placement and system configuration to ensure maximum protection and ease of use for staff. With Top Draw being an online marketing agency, it was only natural to equip them with TELSCO Connect for online management of the security system. In addition to security, devices offer proactive monitoring for boiler, flooding, and fire.

By providing pro-active recommendations, we ensure that Top Draw employees, visitors and their entire building is protected.

“Telsco provides us with peace of mind that someone is looking out us for us when we’re not here”

—Ken Jurina CEO Top Draw

Avoiding Close Calls

When an unauthorized individual attempts to enter the building – Telsco doesn’t wait to dispatch the appropriate authorities. Based on security protocols established with Top Draw, authorities are dispatched within minutes after something happening.

Our proactive monitoring means that you have one thing less to worry about “Someone forgot to secure the front door and in a few short minutes Telsco contacted me and sent a guard to go through the building and lock up.”

Improving Insurance Rates

Telsco’s responsive onsite security system provided Top Draw’s entire office with a preventative and secure insurance policy, resulting in better insurance rates.


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