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We’re here to give you peace of mind during the holidays! While you’re preparing for holiday parties and family dinners, leave your security concerns to us.

More Than Just A Security Company

  • Monitored Fire Protection

    From Christmas tree lights to family vacations, additional fire risks come with the holiday season. Unlike traditional smoke detectors that ring only in your home, monitored devices send an alarm to our local operators, who dispatch the fire department immediately.

  • Flood & Freeze Detection

    As the holiday season approaches, you may be looking forward to a well-deserved vacation. Nothing ruins a relaxing time away, like returning to a flooded home. With monitored damage prevention, our local operators are on duty 24/7 in case of a flood. Early response helps you avoid costly damage and major disruptions.

  • Constant Connection & Awareness

    Want to be sure the cleaner arrived, or know how long the cat-sitter stayed? With Instant Notifications, you are constantly connected to what is happening on your property. Telsco staff are on it whenever an alarm occurs, but instant notifications allow you to stay connected to events that may not require an emergency response, such as someone opening your liquor cabinet.

  • Video

    They say seeing is believing, and this holiday season, you will be a believer with Telsco Video. Whether you want to record 24/7 while you are away, or to catch a quick clip of Santa, we have a custom video solution to suit your needs. The best part — you can see your video anytime from your smartphone!

Our experienced consultants incorporate security, video, access control, fire, flood and freeze as part of your custom security solution.

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After being with 3 different alarm companies in the past 20 years, I can honestly say that Telsco is by far the best company I have ever had! Prompt, efficient, great prices, outstanding products and services. After switching our services to them, and the short time I have had dealing with the staff, they have earned a customer for life! Great job and that you for renewing my faith in alarm companies! Sherri Naslund (Homestars)
After many years with an alarm company that treated me like a number, I moved to Telsco. They treat me like a valued customer, get to know my needs, and always make sure I have no unaddressed questions. I like that they are local and know the Edmonton area, and I'm not monitored from another part of the country. It's easy to get through to the people you need to speak to. Diane McDougall (Google)